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  • South Oldham High School has partnered with Parchment to order and send your transcript and other credentials securely for those who have graduated in 2009 or after.


Your academic history is recorded on your transcript.  Your classes, your grades, and GPA are listed.  Also listed on your transcript will be all of the test results from the ACT.  Colleges will use your transcript as one of the factors to decide upon your admittance to their institution.  Below is a sample of what a transcript will look like at the end of your freshmen year.

Course taken 2019-2020  Grade 09
Course                               Grade              Weight        Credit
Human Geography              B/89                   1.0               1.0
English 1                              B/82                   1.0               1.0
Spanish 1                             B/88                   1.0               1.0
Biology                                A/92                   1.0               1.0
Algebra 1                              A/97                   1.0               1.0
Health/PE                            C/75                   1.0               1.0
                                                         Total Credits:             7.0

Unweighted GPA:      2.71
Weighted GPA:           2.71